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Our Tools

Discover the power of AI-driven educational tools with myschoolai. Our comprehensive suite of tools is designed to enhance every aspect of your teaching experience. From efficient lesson planning and report writing to seamless parent communication and engaging assemblies, myschoolai provides innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of today's educators. Explore our wide range of tools, each crafted to save you time, increase productivity, and elevate your students' learning experience. Embrace the future of education and transform your teaching with myschoolai.


Report Assistant

The myschoolai Report Assistant is an invaluable tool that streamlines the report-writing process for educators. By providing a few key points or notes, teachers can generate comprehensive, well-structured, and professional student reports in a matter of minutes. This AI-powered tool ensures consistent quality and saves valuable time, allowing teachers to focus on their students' growth and development.

Lesson Planner

Our AI-driven Lesson Planner simplifies lesson planning by creating engaging, tailored lesson plans based on specific criteria such as lesson length, age group, and activities. This powerful tool saves time, maintains consistency, and empowers educators to deliver impactful, personalized education to their students.


Letters Home

The myschoolai letters home creator facilitates seamless communication between teachers and parents. By supplying a few bullet points, educators can generate well-crafted, personalised letters, fostering stronger partnerships with parents and keeping them informed and engaged in their children's educational journey.

Assembly Creator

Craft engaging and inspiring assemblies with the myschoolai assembly creator. Teachers can provide a theme or topic, and the AI-driven tool will generate a dynamic, age-appropriate assembly plan, complete with talking points, activities, and multimedia suggestions, ensuring a captivating experience for students.


General Assistant

The general assistant tool allows teachers to quickly access and understand essential statutory guidelines, policies, and regulations. With just a few keywords, this AI-powered tool provides accurate, easy-to-understand summaries of relevant DfE information, helping educators stay informed and compliant.

Trip Organiser

The Trip Organiser tool streamlines the planning process for educational outings. By inputting trip details and objectives, educators can generate a well-structured itinerary, risk assessments, and permission forms, making trip organization efficient and stress-free.


Worksheet Creator

The worksheet creator helps teachers develop thought-provoking questions for quizzes, exams, or classroom discussions. By inputting an example question, topic or subject, educators can generate a variety of relevant, engaging questions that challenge students and stimulate learning.

SEND Passport

The SEND Passport tool simplifies the creation of personalized learning plans for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). By providing student-specific information, teachers can generate comprehensive, tailored plans that address individual needs and support inclusive learning environments.


Parent Meeting Planner

The parent meeting planner tool assists teachers in organising productive parent-teacher meetings. Based on provided talking points, the AI-powered tool generates a clear agenda, ensuring that meetings stay focused and meaningful, resulting in stronger collaboration between educators and parents.

Behaviour Report

The Behaviour Report tool allows educators to efficiently document and monitor student behaviour. By providing key details, the AI-driven tool generates concise, insightful reports that help educators address behavioural issues and promote positive classroom environments.


Image Generation

The Image Generation tool empowers teachers to create visually compelling lessons by converting text into relevant, eye-catching images. Simply provide a description or keywords, and the AI-powered tool will generate an image that brings your lesson content to life.

Thought of the Day

Inspire students daily with the Thought of the Day tool. Provide a theme, and this AI-powered tool will generate a meaningful, thought-provoking quote or statement, fostering reflection and critical thinking in the classroom.

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