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The myschoolai Learning Assistant is an AI-powered tool that works as a personal tutor. It focuses on specific course information and offers a wide range of subjects. Learning Assistant guides students through topics with suggested questions, filling gaps in their knowledge and providing full course-specific examples. Students can work at their own pace, building confidence and expanding their knowledge.

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Pilot Announced July 2023

Our team is excited to launch a pilot program for our new product, working with schools to test the tool with a group of students across several subjects. This trial will allow us to gather valuable feedback on the effectiveness of the product and how it can be improved. By working directly with students and teachers, we can tailor the tool to meet the needs of the classroom and ensure it aligns with the curriculum. Our goal is to create a tool that supports student learning and helps them reach their full potential. We are committed to making education accessible and engaging for all students, and we look forward to the results of this pilot program.

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